What is a microsite?

A microsite is either a single landing page, or small group of webpages (1 to 7 pages) that function within an existing website, or as a separate website with its own domain name or sub-domain name.

Microsites are sometimes used by large organizations with lots of salespersons and / or locations such as real estate firms, insurance companies, law firms, franchises, etc. Many large corporations with numerous sales offices also use microsites.

Why should you use microsites?

Most organizations have one website for their business. This makes sense from a marketing and communications perspective, but is not very effective for search engine optimization (SEO). An individual website can only be effectively optimized for a limited amount of terms. The larger the website, the more this becomes a problem.

Search engine algorithms used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others are very complicated and have hundreds of variables. These algorithms are very good at figuring out what a website is about, and what individual webpages are about. In general, the more targeted the content and code on a website, the better it will rank. Websites with broad content routinely perform poorly for targeted searches. Our firm has analyzed hundreds of websites for SEO performance. We frequently see underperforming websites for this very reason.

By using microsites you can be much more targeted for topics, services, names, and geographies in the website code and content. This approach can make a significant difference in online lead generation.

To learn more, download our white paper by clicking here: Microsites - Generate Leads Online.

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