Electronic Newsletters for Attorneys & Law Firms
WEO Media makes staying in front of your clients easy. And staying in touch with current clients is one of the most effective ways to keep them, and generate new client referrals. In fact, marketing studies have shown that staying in front of your clients every 3 to 4 weeks is an optimum frequency to stimulate referrals.

Consider these benefits:

• Increases client loyalty by educating them on topics of interest.
• Generates new client referrals.
• Communicate updates about the firm.
• Announce new and pending laws that directly affect them.

Maximum impact! Minimal time!

Our team produces custom eNewsletters by incorporating your branding, using professional authors to write interesting articles, and allowing you to edit content, images, and insert offers as desired. Results can be easily tracked in our reporting system.

This powerful service produces eNewsletters that stand out, are more frequently read, and produce real results for your law firm.

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"We have consistently seen 1-2 new patients a month directly from the eNewsletter at our current office. The eNewsletter was even more impactful when starting up our new practice. Thank you WEO Media!"

- J. Tallis, Marketing
Portland, OR

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